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The 11th International Conference on User Modeling (UM 2007) will be held from 25 to 29 of June 2007 at the five-stars Corfu Holiday Palace hotel, in Corfu, Greece. UM 2007 will be co-organised by the National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" and the Ionian University, under the auspices of User Modeling, Inc.

UM 2007 is the latest in a conference series begun in 1986 and follows UM 2005 in Edinburgh, UM 2003 in Pittsburgh, UM 2001 in Sonthofen, UM 1999 in Banff, UM 1997 in Sardinia, UM1996 in Hawaii, UM 1994 in Cape Cod, and several earlier workshops. More...

The User Modeling conference series is the major forum for presentation and discussion of latest developments in academic research on user modeling and adaptive systems as well as industrial experience in deploying adaptive and personalized systems in "real-world" applications. The International User Modeling Conferences bring together researchers and practitioners from a variety of fields including artificial intelligence, linguistics, psychology, and human-computer interaction. This conference series is characterized by a high quality technical program and by lively discussions in a pleasant environment.

Relevant topics for the User Modeling 2007 conference include, but are not limited, to:

  • acquisition, updating and management of user models and student models
  • security and privacy aspects in the management of user data
  • evaluation of user modelling techniques and applications
  • user adaptation and usability
  • knowledge representation and reasoning for user models
  • user modelling in mobile, ubiquitous and context-aware computing
  • user modelling servers
  • user modelling in the Semantic Web
  • user modelling for multimodal interactions
  • applications of user modelling systems and techniques
  • data mining and machine learning for user modelling
  • user modelling and affective computing
  • adaptation for people with disabilities and the elderly
  • adaptive hypermedia and Web systems
  • intelligent information retrieval, information filtering and content personalization
  • collaborative filtering and recommender systems
  • dialog planning and response tailoring
  • plan recognition
  • presentation planning
  • student modeling and adaptive learning environments
  • intelligent tutoring systems
  • personalized interaction in Virtual Reality and 3D Interfaces
  • adaptive embodied animated agents
  • group modeling and adaptive support of collaboration
  • engineering adaptive systems


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