We provide machine learning solutions for several multimodal application domains:

ML for Video analysis

We provide solutions that combine machine learning applied on all aspects of video (sound, image and accompanying text), to achieve several video analysis applications:
  • Video summarization
  • Video classification and retrieval
  • Multimodal content-based video / movie recommendation and profiling
  • Human recognition and human activity recognition

Music information retrieval

We have years' experience in build models for analyzing musical content for various subdomains such as:
  • Musical genre classification
  • Recognition of music mood and emotion
  • Content-based music retrieval and recommendation

Speech analytics

We combine audio and text information from speech signals, to recognize what people say (and how they say it) when interacting between each other for applications such as:
  • Automated Psychological assessment
  • Mood classification
  • Speaking style analysis

Audio (non-speech) Recognition

  • Mouse vocalizations analytics
  • Audio event detection
  • Urban soundscape analysis
  • Audio context classification

Image retrieval and classification

  • Semantic image classification and segmentation
  • Geo-tagged image analysis and retrieval
  • Photography aesthetics recognition

Other multimodal data analytics